Butterfly in Collage – for Revati

9 Feb

A birthday card for my sister, Revati. Using a photograph for reference, I hunted through magazine pages to find the right bits of printed paper from advertisements and other photos. Finally touched it up a little bit with pen, colour-pencil and pastel marks.

Card - for Revati

Collage, Pastel; 19×14 cm approx.


by Aileen Fisher

What do caterpillars do?

Nothing much but chew and chew.

What do caterpillars know?

Nothing much but how to grow.

They just eat what by and by

Will make them be a butterfly

But that is more than I can do,

However much I chew and chew.

One Response to “Butterfly in Collage – for Revati”

  1. Himali 21 August, 2009 at 6:21 PM #

    This one is amazing!! Still I haven’t seen the original … every painting of yours has something reflecting your personality!!! I also liked the ones that you have made for picture book… Not mentioning each of them individually, you have done a gr8 job… Keep up the good work and most important … enjoy it!! Njoy Life!!
    Love, Himali

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