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27 Jun

25 x 25 cm, Ink, Watercolour, Acrylic, Collage

Version 2 of a painting I had made last year (which you will find on the blog here). The painting was recycled for Appa’s birthday last September: I think I painted a few touches on the original, and otherwise cut and pasted bits of it here and there. Immensely enjoyable … I love the little subtle things you can do and end up creating ‘is-that-painted-or-pasted?’ riddles at various spots in the composition! I think this piece looks nicer in its physical form, though, than in the scan — it all seems to blend better there!


‘Impatience’ – IF

9 Aug


28×29 cm approx; Mixed Media on paper

Illustration Friday: ‘Drifting’

21 Jun


Graphite on paper, 21 x 13 cm.

Mark-making Experiences

18 Feb

No ‘meaning’ is intended in these drawings, please.

Graphite on paper; 24 x 16 cm approx.