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Studies of a bee

12 Dec

the bee

 pen on paper, 18 x 25 cm approx.

Studies of  a dead bee found at home, July 2011.



3 May

Charcoal on paper, 24 x 18 cm approx

Lately I’ve been trying to draw with my students when I set them a task in the art class at school. It doesn’t always happen, with someone coming to ask me for something every few minutes, but I’m glad I can do a little bit — it keeps me in touch (layout design projects and other things have been keeping me busy for a while, so I don’t end up drawing as much as I would like), and in touch with the student’s experience of drawing.

Steel Life

6 Feb

Incidental Still-life, 13 x 21 cm approx

Representing materials and textures using different, sometimes unlikely media is a challenge I find very interesting. In little ways I like to push the expressive capacity of the medium I’m using. How much can one make just a simple pen or a pencil say?

13 x 21 cm approx

Still-life Study: Bottles

20 Sep

Bottles Still-life

36×27 cm approx; Graphite pencil

This study was done over a number of days. At some point I couldn’t give it more time and also lost the urge to continue, though I was thinking of finishing it. Finally, I had to move the objects for some reason, which leaves the drawing at this stage – forever :).