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13 Jun

Gavipuram, Bangalore, last year.

Artwork and Poster Design for Railway Children

7 Feb

EHSAAS is a national level training programme of Railway Children, an organisation which works to prevent runaway children from becoming victims of the abuse of street life. This poster (sized 2 x 3 feet) is intended to be a celebration of the work being done through Ehsaas, and a representation of a child’s journey from complete vulnerability to psychological stability and security. The training programme is designed around the 12 themes mentioned on the right of the poster.

It was challenging and stimulating to find ways of visualising many intangible messages and communicate not only to adults but also to the children the poster speaks about. All the artwork uses traditional media — pastel, colour pencil, graphite, ink — each image drawn and scanned separately and finally put together using software.

Still-life Study: Bottles

20 Sep

Bottles Still-life

36×27 cm approx; Graphite pencil

This study was done over a number of days. At some point I couldn’t give it more time and also lost the urge to continue, though I was thinking of finishing it. Finally, I had to move the objects for some reason, which leaves the drawing at this stage – forever :).

Interpretive Panels at Chitradurga fort

30 Aug

2 Games

This is a recently completed project for the Archaeological Survey of India: drawings for a set of panels to be installed on the grounds of the historic Chitradurga fort north of Bangalore. Layout: Rustam Vania.

Sketches From a Month of Travel

4 Jul

These are from a month of travelling I did this March – from Ahmedabad to Varanasi, Shantiniketan and Kolkata, and back.

Illustration Friday: ‘Drifting’

21 Jun


Graphite on paper, 21 x 13 cm.


25 Feb


Graphite; 22 x 17 cm.

Mark-making Experiences

18 Feb

No ‘meaning’ is intended in these drawings, please.

Graphite on paper; 24 x 16 cm approx.