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Magazine Cover Design

3 Jun

December 2010 Issue

Teacher Plus is a Hyderabad-based monthly publication primarily aimed at the Indian schoolteacher. “It is a forum within which teachers can raise their concerns, discuss ideas, and share and update their knowledge. Teacher Plus discusses alternative ways of thinking and doing within the context of the Indian classroom, while recognizing the constraints that most teachers face, day to day. In addition, its aim is to foster a sense of community among teachers, of being a part of an important group of change agents.”

The cover photographs were taken at Shibumi :).

Invite for Shibumi Evening

2 Jun

Invitation for Shibumi‘s first “cultural programme” (for want of a better phrase!). The pencil sketch is from a student’s work and Shalini added a final dash to the design to make it work as nicely as it does (I think it works nicely!).

ASI Brochure for Lakkundi

2 Jun

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One of the brochures for the ASI that we asĀ Kairi did recently. Lakkundi is an ancient temple town in North Karnataka. The English and Kannada versions were separate brochures this time, though with the same layout.

Invite for School Inauguration

9 Nov

Shibumi Inauguration Invite

Poster for a Custom Knife-maker

9 Nov

Poster for a Custom Knife-maker

A poster I made for a friend who is a blacksmith working at Solitude farm in Auroville, India.